Remote physical serial port access

Physical serial port access is key for supporting critical devices during initial configuration, swaps and troubleshooting.
Generally, this requires dedicated physical console servers which are permanently connected to devices, exposing their consoles to the network 24x7 yet rarely being utilised.
Additionally, physical console servers require dedicated power, rack space, and patch ports, and offer no redundancy.

Physical serial port access minus the dedicated hardware

SerialEyes provides remote physical serial port access via non-dedicated hardware
A SerialEyes bootable USB drive transforms a laptop into an on-demand secure serial port gateway
With just a few parameters an on-site engineer can deliver remote serial port access to off-site engineers using existing connectivity

Reduced hardware costs

By pairing the recycling of existing laptops and hardware with on-demand access an organization can reduce their dependency on dedicated physical console servers, in turn reducing hardware costs and datacentre footprint.

Improved redundancy

Being a software application and using on-demand connections, multiple instances of SerialEyes can be deployed or have an active / standby configuration which removes the single points of failure inherit with physical serial console servers.

Enhanced device coverage

Not being permanently physically connected to any one device allows SerialEyes to provide remote physical serial port access to all your devices, in addition this allows devices to be staged in place in the datacentre.


SerialEyes allows an unlimited number of serial port connections to an unlimited number of devices with no extra costs.

SerialEyes supports any device with a physical serial port