Enterprise DNS logging

  • Long-term access to DNS query history
  • Supports all vendors in a single solution
  • Unparalleled view of DNS data and context
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100,000 plus QPS

Vision is designed for even the busiest of enterprises. A single sensor can consume over 100,000 DNS queries per second.

1TB for multi-year history

Vision changes the way organizations think of DNS logging, multiple years of data is stored in less than 1 terabyte of space.

Affordable and fixed costs

Vision does not penalise organizations for network device behaviour. Costs are fixed no matter how much data is processed.
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Everyone uses DNS

Every part of an organization uses DNS so it's not surprising that most express the desire to have access to long-term DNS history.

DNS is a goldmine

DNS logs are a goldmine of information that can identify who has ever attempted to connect with other domains and IP addresses and when.

DNS touches the entire business

All aspects of a business, including operations, change and security, are impacted by DNS data and its relationships.

Organizations who try to log DNS understand the challenges

High volume

With an average of over 4 billion DNS events per day this is enough to consume an organization's entire SIEM capability.

High cost

Expensive skilled resources to implement and maintain along with costly hardware and uncapped licensing result in run-away costs.

Low value

After all the costs, you are left with limited retention and a slow solution. Very little value is realised and it turns into just being a box ticking exercise.

Vision flips the narrative

High volume

Vision ingests and reshapes billions of DNS events into a database designed to store and query this data.

Low cost

Vision has an unrestricted license model and requires a much smaller device footprint using low-end servers.

High value

Using intuitive, dynamic, and interactive DNS maps Vision provides instant context revealing the high value data going back multiple years.

Vision connects organizations with their DNS data

See instant context

With an overwhelming amount of data to work through it can be easy to feel lost when searching DNS logs. Vision DNS maps instantly connects users with data and context.

Use a single search

Existing alternatives require multiple searches to find data and relationships. Vision takes the work out of it, automatically identifying which queries, records and devices are related.

Discover what's new

With so much data being generated it is hard to identify what is new. Vision has been designed with a "what has changed" philosophy. New data can be easily identified using simple filtering and sorting.

Navigate history

Instantly and easily understand which devices have performed which queries and the records these resolved to.

Prioritise data

Device groups can be created for critical networks and devices so that DNS data and events can be filtered and prioritised.

Alert on new items

Receive events in the SIEM when new domains, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are seen in DNS logs.

Forward activity

Forward specific or all DNS activity to the SIEM. Data can be aggregated to reduce SIEM events, in some cases by over a thousand percent.

Trusted by some of the largest UK banks and educational institutions

Allowing organisations to realise the true value of their DDI data