Connect your DDI infrastructure with OneDDI

Most leading DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management vendors offer comprehensive solution portfolios
These solutions do an amazing job in providing the latest cutting-edge DDI features for their customer base
While most are comprehensive it is impossible for them to cover all challanges

OneDDI plugs the gaps and simplifies your DDI operations

VendorN has implemented it's OneDDI platform to compliment existing DDI deployments
OneDDI solves use-cases not addressed by existing DDI solutions

OneDDI provides a solid and uniform delivery platform for all of VendorN's solutions


...using real-time replication to ensure an always available platform

Federated access

...using Active Directory users and groups

Role Based Access Control

...which can be aligned to multiple Active Directory groups

Fully audited

...with audit log integration to any SIEM platform

Flexible deployment

...using either hardware or virtual platforms

Pain-free using only standard operating system and browser features

Solutions available in the OneDDI platform


Enterprise DNS logging made possible


Disaster recovery using DNS records


Out of band access using IPMI


Remote physical serial port access