See the forest for the trees

Change the way you think about DNS logging and security

It's not unusual for an organization to experience tens of thousands of DNS queries per second. An average enterprise can see billions of these DNS events per day. Large enterprises can have hundreds of DNS servers in many different regions around the globe utilising multiple different vendors.
Collecting, viewing, analysing, scanning, and storing DNS logs across multiple vendors has always been a challenge with no off the shelf solutions available. Attempts to solve this problem come with costly overheads for hardware and skilled resources to design and implement the data shaping and aggregation.

Enterprise DNS logging. Possible!

Vision has been designed from the ground up with these challenges in mind. Utilising a custom database, Vision has been designed specifically for ingesting and indexing DNS logs meaning rapid searches and the ability to handle the query and response volume typically seen for an enterprise.


Dynamic interactive DNS maps provide instant context for devices, queries and records.


Lightning fast searches allow you to instantly see device queries, records and other data.


Granular policies allow categorisation of critical groups of networks or devices.


Supports all your DNS vendors and can reduce your SIEM events by up to 99%.
Vision is the solution needed for organisations with high volumes of DNS traffic that require long term retention with the ability search huge volumes of historical data instantly whilst also integrating with their existing security eco system or SIEM.
Bringing with it inherent benefits for security, operational and project teams with a unique intuitive user interface giving unparalleled insight into how organisations use DNS records, how they can change over time, their relationships with each other, the devices using them and the DNS servers involved.