Out of band access using IPMI

Many DDI deployments require out of band Lights out Management connectivity to physical devices. This connectivity is used during troubleshooting, configuration, RMA and installation.
Historically, antiquated console connections via networked console servers have been used. These require servers to be placed physically close to each device, usually in the same rack.
Using this type of connectivity comes with certain limitations. One being that console servers do not usually provide the ability to remotely control a devices power.

Cost effective and centralised Lights out Management

IPMeye provides remote power management and console access using the IPMI protocol
All console interactions and power management is audited
IPMeye can support all your devices without needing to be physically located near any of them

Reduced hardware costs

Being a software application, which can also be virtualised, you can negate the need for hardware physically located near each device for out of band management.

Reduced onsite resource overheads

The remote power management feature negates the need for an onsite resource to power-cycle devices, not a feature typically available when using a console connection.

Reduced datacentre footprint

No hardware, power, or rack space requirements.

Enhanced operational Security

Device credentials can be pre-configured so that users do not need to handle sensitive IPMI credentials during incidents.

IPMeye supports all your devices without any restrictions on the number which can be managed

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